Pull Me Closer: Alex Pall and Interview

In July of 2016, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart of the Chainsmokers released their soon-to-be hit, “Closer,” with Halsey. In an interview with Interview Magazine Pall and Taggart discussed the infancy of their career, working with Halsey, and their fanbase.

Pall and Taggart met through their new manager. Both having an interest in dance music and DJing, their manager introduced the two, and Taggart notes “it was love at first sight.” They “immediately started working” and “grinding every day… until we hit our stride.”

They both “brought different [things] to the table.” Pall had DJ credentials, and Taggart brought production credits, but they were both realistic about the ideology and life cycle of the music industry insomuch that they “were both very observant about what was going on around [them] and who was killing it and what was working and what wasn’t.” So, the Chainsmokers spent much of the early part of their career “trying to shape an identity around this.”

They comment that they no longer want “make straight-up dance music anymore.” Instead, the Chainsmokers have begun to “blur the lines between indie, pop music, dance music, and hip-hop.”

While the Chainsmokers write alongside songwriters, the lyrics the Chainsmokers sing encapsulate their own stories. Taggart notes of “Closer” that “It’s about hooking up with my ex-girlfriend and, you know, being attracted to her at first and then as soon as we hooked up knowing exactly why I broke up with her.” Sometimes, Pall mentions, it is easier than other times, but “it’s always different, but its always us.”

Working with Halsey on “Closer” was “a huge step in the right director for us.” Pall comments that “she’s incredible,” and “if you had asked us over the last year who was an artist that we wanted to work with, Halsey was number one on that list.” They sing Halsey’s praises, and they comment that “Closer” was an attempt to “write a really unsexy sex song.”

Pall and Taggart feel pretty connected to their fans through social media. They note getting videos of children singing their songs and even their parents, and they enjoy that they “[transcend] age [groups].” They have taken the road by storm, expanding from their “#Selfie” crowd to a larger, international fanbase, and they will continue to“[push] new boundaries and [give] people new experiences.”

Diversifying YouTube: A Guide to the Stars

You’ve heard about becoming a YouTube sensation before, correct? No!? Well at YouTube new stars are born each day. Fame can come from producing a video that displays you doing all sorts of crazy things or just covering the lyrics to your favorite song. The fame pool runs deep and below is just a few of YouTube’s brightest stars and talents.
The talent pool is so thick that we find many YouTubers hailing from different countries and varying in race and ethnicity. Take Wendy Huang for example. Wendy is of Chinese decent and lives in Australia. Her YouTube fame came when she started doing make-up tutorials to help girls really bring out their feminine sides. With her unique hair styles and helpful tips that targeted all different kinds of females; viewers fell in love and the hit count added up along with her subscribers to her channel “The Wonderful World of Wengie.”
Wengie didn’t stop at beauty tips and she continued to produce all sorts of how-to videos and vlogs where she gives advice or answers the viewer’s burning questions. She covers topics ranging from how to get in shape for the summer to how to apply and own arm pit art. She is an innovator that people just cannot get enough of on YouTube. Her video count is well over 250 and she continues to add new and exciting videos all of the time. So check out Wengie on YouTube and learn more about the talented Australian.
Next meet the YouTuber that goes by the name of “mandersandpoopoo”. Amanda Hackey is another individual who has found fame on YouTube. She also breaks the mold as having a Native American background. Amanda is all about positivity and helping others cope with situations through deep, meaningful talks, or giving them a good laugh or two. Amanda admits to have struggled with her weight in that past, but that it will never stop her from becoming an amazing person filled with positive motives and thoughts. Her viewers really take what she has to heart and fall in love with her little comedy bits and funny reality videos. She has over 125,000 subscribers and that increases on a day-to-day basis. So if you are seeking out help or just need a good laugh, check some of Amanda’s videos out.
Those are just two examples of some of the young and raw talent you can find with a simple YouTube search. Both Amanda and Wendy started by making videos for fun and it brought them recognition neither of them could have ever fathomed. If you have a unique talent or want your voice to be heard, try posting a YouTube video about it. You might just become the next big thing!

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