OSI Group and McDonalds Hamburger Collaboration

OSI Group and McDonalds are partners when it comes to making hamburgers. Ever since the first McDonalds was set up, OSI Group was the one supplying meat products to them. This collaboration has become such a huge success that OSI was forced to set up a factory that would provide meat products to McDonald’s. This factory is called the Gunzburg factory located in the US. The Gunzburg factory is a huge franchise that makes all the meat patties and hamburgers for McDonald’s chains in the world. A brief visit to the factory was arranged to see the whole meat process and the safety of the food. This visit came up after several allegations that the restaurant’s hamburgers contain preservatives.

These allegations were brought up by one David Whipple who experimented on a hamburger by placing it in an enclosing for fourteen years. According to Whipple, the hamburger had not rotten even after locking it away for fourteen years. McDonlad’s came forward after these allegations and stated they did not use any preservatives for their hamburgers. We had to go to the factory and see firsthand if this statement was true. At the factory, we were required to wear a protective garment to avoid food contamination in case we came in contact with it. All the staff members also had on their protective garments while handling the meat.

The meat was first checked manually for bones and then packed into crates. The meat in crates is then transported to the meat processor where it is minced into a fine mixture. The meat processor machine also checks for bones in case any were left out during the manual checking process. Once the meat has been minced another machine is used to make it into hamburgers. The machine is used because it ensures precision and all the hamburgers are the same size and consistency. The hamburgers are then checked to ensure they have the right fat content. These are tested in the lab that is in the factory. After the visit, we were able to conclude that the McDonald factory does not use any preservatives for their hamburgers.

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David McDonald, OSI Group, & Success in the Food Industry

Being a successful leader in the food industry is impressive, to say the least. Given how overcrowded and ultra-competitive the industry is, it takes a lot of effort to just stay afloat. That being said, when a company like OSI Group has a leader such as David McDonald, it’s easy to see why the company has continued to thrive throughout the years. OSI group, primarily a meat processing company serving large food retailers, has definitely benefited from the guidance of David McDonald. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the career of David McDonald, OSI Group, and how he managed to reach the level of success he has today.

Preparation For Leadership

Despite contrary beliefe that success was handed to him by being a member of the renowned McDonald family, for David, that simply is not the case. David has earned each and every bit of the status he has today. As for what prepared him for his current role, it started with a great education from Iowa State Univerity. In fact, soon after his career as a student in training, he was able to prepare himself with roles in smaller Illinois companies and other food processing companies. It was soon after proving he was a capable professional and potential leader in these roles that he was able to secure a spot where he thrives today. To know more about him click here.

Putting In The Work

In an article on the success of David & his company, the most impressive thing we get is the sense that David is still working as if he still needs to make a name for himself. That type of humility and self-awareness are characteristics that are extremely rare. In addition to this, the article explains how the company is also achieving success through the same attitude. By working as if they are still a small and insignificant company, they are keeping the pressure on other companies in their field to keep up with them. Honestly, it’s safe to say that David and the company he leads will continue to succeed with this type of attitude.

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The Success and Greater Heights Fortress Investment Group have Achieved Because of Randal Nardone

In 1998, that’s when Randal Nardone started offering his services at Fortress Investment Group. He has been with the company the longest, and he has been there to witness all the success that they have received over the years. At the company, he offers his services being a member of the management committee and board of directors. In the company’s course of active Randal Nardone will be actively involved. Through the years he was responsible for ensuring that the company reaches the highest heights and does not drop. The reason why he has been responsible for taking care of any legal matter about the company and financial issue.

During the process of Softbank acquiring Fortress Investment Group Randal believed that the decision would be of negative impact to the company. Through the acquisition then it meant that fortress would receive more of the credit sources and that would have more opportunity of expanding. Even the shares rose after the purchase, and they started selling at $8.08 each. The assets also rose because at the moment the company is responsible for $69.6 billion is the asset. The assets that will be received in the company they are shared equally that’s in fixed income and credit hedge funds. There are different positions that Randal Nardone hold that is being responsible for FMA LLC, Florida east coast railway, FM Falstaff advisors and Euro castle investments.

Randal has offered her services to other different companies. One of them being a law firm the Thacher Proffitt and Wood. After that, that’s when he left the law firm to venture into the financial sector. That’s when he joined the UBS offering his services as the managing director. Also, at the Blackrock financial management, he has worked there being a principal. That’s was until in 1998 when he decided he wanted to follow his spirit in entrepreneurial to found the Fortress investment group. Randal Nardone offering his leadership at the company has been the reason why the company has been leading in the investment company and have grown. All through from 2000 to today he has been offering his services to different boards.

U.S. Money Reserve

For more than 100 months, the United States economy has been expanding, and this has always been pleasant news to the government and the citizenry at large. The citizens are now receiving bad news in the form of a predicted economic recession in the country.

The story of an impending recession is a surprise to many casual observers of the economy who are convinced that the economy has been on the right track, and the unemployment rate is at its lowest and the record-setting stock market doing significantly well.

What most of those surprised with the predicted economic recession have not taken into account is the natural cycle of an economy.

It is important to make it clear that all forms of slowdown in the economy are harmful. An article by the U.S. Money Reserve explains that recession can be a result of diminishing labor in the economy that forces employers to increase wages and these force businesses to adopt a policy of not hiring new employees.

The circumstances force the Federal Reserve to raise the interest rates, and such measures can slow down the rate of economic development. Read more: US Money Reserve | Manta and US Money Reserve | BizJournals

Once the economy slows down, the net profits for businesses will reduce. The stakeholders in Wall Street such as banks are often looking for remedies to prevent an economic recession or delay it due to the financial implications of such an occurrence.

A depression in the economy lead to increased unemployment as businesses lay-off some employees due to reduced profits, and this can be bad news to politicians who are often promising the voters more job opportunities.

Although businesses and politicians can come up with interventions to delay an economic recession, the U.S. Reserve observes that such remedies could have negative impacts on the economy. One common effect of a delayed recession is what is known as ‘economic bubble’ a situation where specific assets are over-valued.

The U.S. Reserve distributes the Gold, Silver, and Platinum coins that are issued by the federal government. It was founded in 2001, and it is currently one of the largest private companies that distribute gold, silver, and platinum coins issued by the U.S. federal government and other foreign governments.

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Kisling, Nestico & Redick Law Firm Philanthropic Activities

The corporate world is always encouraged to take part in activities of giving back to the community. Kisling, Nestico & Redick, a law firm based in Ohio is a perfect example of firms that offer help to their neighboring community. The firm works tirelessly to provide legal services to those who have suffered or have been impacted by personal injury accidents. The law firm has vast experience in providing exceptional legal services to Ohio residents. The firm has experienced tremendous growth due to its strong desire to serve its clients with humility, respect, and dignity.

Prior to providing quality legal services, the firm also offers philanthropic efforts to the neighboring communities. Recently the firm managing director, Rob Nestico steered a donation of food to Greenbriar middle school. According to the attorney, the food will go a long way in helping kids during the spring break. Kids who came from underprivileged families will, therefore, have adequate food.

The law firm donated ready and preserved food. The donations included cheese, bread, fruits, peanut and 60 grocery bags filled with macaroni. To ensure that they offer their donations to the most deserving kids, they contacted the school district director to direct them to the most deserving school.

Just a few weeks after donating to kids of Greenbriar school, Kisling, Nestico & Redick law firm took another mighty step of serving the community children in need of help. The firm did this through its KNR cares about helping kids in need campaign. They planned fun activities for the kids by organizing a team to take part in the portage lakes polar bear jump.

This event started way back in 2014. The event kicked off with 70 participants who were brave enough to take a plunge in icy waters. This event supports charitable activities such as supporting foodbank. The main aim of the event is to raise money for the food bank and solve hunger problems in Ohio.

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Gulf Coast Western

Gulf Coast Western is a company that focuses on developing, acquiring and exploring oil and gas domestically. They’re the Managing Venturers of Joint Ventures also known as Oil and Gas General Partnerships. They are based in Dallas and since being founded in 1970 have placed their business primarily in the Gulf Coast Region with reserves in Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Colorado. With the leadership of their President and CEO Matthew Fleeger, Gulf Coast Western has been able to turn more than $14 million in revenue every year. They manage more than 70 employees and plan to continue their expansion.

In the areas where these reserves are located Gulf Coast Western has drilling programs and have every intention of expanding their campaign as aggressively as humanely possible within the coming years. They want to take advantage of positive expansion opportunities in the explorative and developmental of oil and gas. Their biggest focus is the geologic and financial success of their Partners which is why they work so hard to find areas that meet their strict geological and geophysical criteria. They’ve been building a reputation based on hard work and results, but they also do their best to build as much mutual trust and respect with their Partners as they possibly can. They remain transparent in their relationships and maintain an open line of communication that their Partners have come to expect from their company and they have been doing so with pride since 1970. It doesn’t seem that they have any intention of ever straying course; only becoming more and more expansive in their ventures to develop oil and gas nationally. Fleeger’s leadership will ensure Gulf Coast Western continuing to see a great deal of progress in their near future with the oil and gas industry.

Agera Energy Won’t Let You and Your Energy Down

A utility company that specializes in natural gas supply and electricity services that are very accommodating and cost-effective is known as Agera Energy. The aim of the company is to be your guide in saving and using energy in the proper manner. Learn more about Agera Energy at Crunchbase.

It will empower and educate you in making the wisest decisions when it comes to your energy supply and services. Agera Energy values customer service and to them, it is all about the kilowatt hours. The company has been recommended by residential owners and small and big business owners for the way they handle energy supply and costs. Agera Energy’s well-trained professionals know that energy is a huge expense especially to homeowners and business owners which is why they value their customers by giving them the cost that they truly deserve. Follow Agera Energy’s profile on twitter.com.


Agera Energy saw the opportunity to be different from other natural gas and electricity suppliers, trusting them to do all the responsibility is the key.

Learn: https://www.glassdoor.com/Overview/Working-at-Agera-Energy-EI_IE986739.11,23.htm

Ashley Lightspeed: Building An All-woman Venture Capital Empire

Much of the success seen throughout the technology start-up industry has primarily been due to the services of venture capital firms. Venture Capital firms are often the number one route that start-ups take in order to gather enough funding. Although at first seen as a risk, Venture capital firms have certainly seen the benefits of their investments. One of the leading figures in the venture capital industry is Ashley Lightspeed, one of the high ranking partners at Lightspeed Venture Capital. Although very humble about her career, Ashley Lightspeed has worked with a number of large venture capital firms, many right after earning her degree from Duke University. We recently sat down with Ashley Lightspeed to learn more about her career and life as well. See articles at bostonglobe.com

Where did the idea for Lightspeed Venture Capital come from?

According to Ashley Lightspeed, Lightspeed originated from simply not having the time to work with Thumbtack (Her former employer) as a full-time employee due to her enrollment at Stanford. Furthermore, Ashley did not want to quit and therefore would work on side projects to maintain that presences in the field. One day, however, one of her former colleagues recommended her service to various companies. Long story short, she would end up creating a whole company that was just meant to be a part-time job.

How have you made your ideas possible?

Ashley states that having an architect as a father certainly helped her in figuring out the best way to build on an idea. The motto goes, measure twice, cut once, a philosophy that she still utilizes till this day. Ashley goes on to say that although different to architecture, her version of the saying is practice through prototyping a product and finding how it will be presented to the public. Only after all the test and data have concluded a positive factor will the product be release.

Read more: https://lsvp.com/team/ashley-brasier/

Steve Lesnard, Leveraging Digital Marketing

The onset of digital mediums and networks has revolutionized the world of marketing and created better and more improved ways of marketing. Many brands and business utilize digital marketing to improve their organizations and increase their sales; however, not all do it correctly. A lot of the marketing strategies used by brands for digital marketing are counterproductive and unsuccessful. Luckily, Steve Lesnard provides insights on how one can leverage digital platforms to advertise their brands successfully. Stevel Lesnard strongly encourages brands to focus their strategies on the consumer and not the product. The marketing of the product should be centered on the customer and the consumer benefits that they can get from the product.

Steve Lesnard recommends two main principles to use when coming up with marketing strategies.

  1. Simplify to make it memorable

Marketing strategies need to exude simplicity and convey a message for consumers to remember. Brands that come up with complex marketing strategies for digital platforms often become unsuccessful because the message gets lost in translation. For instance, the slogan should be simple and easy to remember. One exceptional example is 10k songs on your phone by iPod which is their marketing slogan. This slogan not only relays the consumer benefits of purchasing an iPod, but it is also simple. It taps into the emotions of consumers and provides them with a set list of music to listen to on the go.

  1. Bring it to life

The marketing strategy needs to be real to be believable. Making the product real is done by bringing it to life. Steve Lesnard strongly advocates for the use of videos for bringing products to life. For example, Yeti positioned their products in the lifestyle of their ambassadors to show their consumers of its benefits. Through the videos, they were able to show how their products could cool and warm water for you at the comfort of your home. There are plenty of other creative ways that one can bring a product to life one of them being through the use of testimonies.

In conclusion, when looking for a marketing strategy, it is important to ensure it relays customer benefits and is creative and simple.

Sharon Prince Spearheads Grace Farms Vision to Stimulate New Perspectives

Grace Farms is characterized by serene landscapes of rolling vistas, scenic backdrops and surprising natural wonders providing its visitors with a masterful natural experience. Helmed by Sharon Prince, it seats on a 80-acre of land aiming at inspiring thoughtful introspection, garnering unexpected outcomes, insightful conversation, and bringing people from all walks of life together. Through Grace Farms’ Nature initiative, Earth Day is an annual event held to promote awareness on the importance of restoring wilderness, maintaining ecosystems as well as infrastructure to allow native species to thrive in their habitats, and developing sustainable environments for wildlife.

Grace Farms also boasts Habitats and Home workshop designed for parents with children between the age of three and ten. Children get a chance to learn about animal communities and how animals build homes.

The new kind of space has more than 75 species of birds. It offers visitors an opportunity to enjoy the sights and sounds of different native birds. During its Earth Day celebrations, it promotes face-to-face communication which is often lost in the busy life of the modern world. People celebrates the natural wonders during the event and patrons will participate in the memorable day.

Recently, the President and Founder of Grace Farms Foundation, Sharon Prince, shared her thoughts about the unique space through the foundation of the blog. She shared ways the foundation is bringing real change to the world through propelling education, conversation through design, insight, relationship with nature, as well as a symbiotic flow. She described Grace Farms as having an open architecture seating on an 80-acre expanse extending to cue discovery. The restored meadows, native habitats, more than 80 sighted birds, and roaming pollinators inspires a sense of awe. The foundation aims at stimulating new perspectives through an environment which combines different aspects of outdoors and indoors to cultivate a peaceful as well as welcoming environment for all.

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