EOS Lip Balm Review – How The Popular Lip Balm Company Found Success

When EOS lip balm first came into the game about seven years ago, creators Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra didn’t want it to be just another short-term fad product like so many other lip care products that are on the market.

Teller and Mehra started EOS with most of the funding coming from their own pockets, a detail that drove them to want to do the best for those purchasing their product. They were, however, confidant in the new line of balms simply because they knew what they were producing was something people would love.

Teller and Mehra wanted to design EOS lip balm specifically for women; they found that while most lip balms were marketed towards both men and women, it was mainly women who were purchasing them. In fact, nearly eighty percent of women purchase lip products.

This marketing strategy actually caused some retailers to initially overlook EOS. However, while originally only available in Walmart and Walgreens, Eos lip balm can now be found in nearly any store across the United States.

Like any new product, Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra had to work hard to get EOS lip balm into the public eye. They promoted the organic ingredients used to create their product and after a very short amount of time people began to love it. Now, only a few years later, the balm essentially sells itself. Satisfied consumers post about EOS and the aesthetically pleasing packaging attracts other consumers.

Teller and Mehra have also expanded the products that EOS creates to include skin care items such as lotions and shave cream. After only a few short years, it is apparent that EOS has only just started its journey to the top of lip and body care products.

Career of Finance Executive Peter Briger

Peter Briger is a longtime executive in the financial services industry. He is currently one of the top level managers at Fortress Investment Group. Before he was with Fortress Investment Group, Peter spent a number of years at Goldman Sachs. Briger has a long track record of managing credit asset departments as well as providing oversight of the professionals in those departments. Along with being a top successful executive in the finance industry, Peter Briger has also been involved in helping his community. Today, Peter Briger is the co chief executive officer and principal of Fortress Investment Group.

He provides the supervision and oversight of the credit asset management department as well. As the lead executive of the credit asset department, Peter is responsible for supervising the employees as well as helping the firm better manage the capital for institutional investor clients. Peter is also a member of the firms’ board of directors as well. He joined Fortress Investment Group in 2002. Before joining Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger spent several years as a member of Goldman Sachs. While at Goldman Sachs, Peter was also in charge of managing the credit asset department. Briger spent a lot of his professional time overseeing Asian committees.

The committees were focused on both getting clients from Asia as well as serving the ones that the firm already has. By the end of the 90’s Peter was able to attain top level managerial positions at the firm. He was appointed as a partner and held this position for his final six years at Goldman Sachs. Before attaining employment at Goldman Sachs and Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger attended business school. He completed a master’s degree in business from a top Ivy League university. He also completed his education program at Princeton University. While he was an undergraduate at Princeton University, Peter was a member of the school’s investment club. In his spare time, Peter provides assistance to his charitable organizations. He serves as a member of the board of directors of these organizations that help people get affordable housing as well as a quality education through charter schools.

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Beal is the Chicagos Landlord

Beal Properties is a modern day landlord in the Chicago Area. Beal is different in the landlords of the past as they understand that the community is important. They place a high emphasis on not only up keeping their properties for their tenants but also giving back to the neighborhoods to make the neighborhood pleasant for everyone.

Beal is one of the leading lending property owners of multi-family apartment buildings in Chicago. With 30 years in the business, it is understandable that they are doing something right. Their apartments are well maintained and nice neighborhoods such as Lake View, Lincoln Park and Lincoln Square.

Beal Properties has over x amount of properties making sure they have something that will appeal to everyone. They have courtyard buildings to high-rise apartments, vintage apartments to modern day living. Units are equipped with many amenities such as hardwood floors, dishwashers, air conditioning and laundry rooms. Some locations are even pet-friendly. 

Each property has an on-site maintenance personnel to handle any issue quickly and proficiently. This also allows the tenants to have a fantastic relationship with the maintenance as they see each other in person. The Maintenance Personnel and Property Managers treat each property as if it is their home, which is true since some of the employees live in Beal Properties. They want to truly improve their buildings and neighborhoods, not just maintain them.

Floor plans in the Beal Property portfolio tend to be open and airy. This open feel allows you to cook your favorite meal while staying in the conversation. Kitchens are updated with the latest appliances. Bathrooms are up-to-date and modern. 

If you are looking to rent in the Chicago Area, be sure to look up Beal Properties. They have over 90 properties to choose from with many located close to public transportation. You will be able to find any style and layout you are looking for with Beal Properties. 


Robert Deignan Shares How To Smarten Up Your Home With Technology

Having worked at the outsourcing firm iS3 as an executive for nine years, Robert Deignan was well-qualified to start his own company in this industry. He is the chief executive officer of ATS Digital Services. His company provides tech support to the customers of his clients. He studied business management at Purdue University, graduating in 1995.


Many people are setting up smart homes nowadays. Having done so himself and running a company that helps people do so, Robert Deignan provided some tips. First, decide what ecosystem you want to be a part of. The three main assistants are Apple Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. Which one to pick comes down to personal preference.


A smart thermostat is a key component of any smart home. These automatically control your home’s temperature based on the patterns of the occupants. They are also practical. If you’re away from home on vacation and there’s a sudden freeze, you can make sure the home doesn’t get too cold.

Some devices and apps help you make sure appliances like your stove are turned off. The app will show all the appliances that are on and you just slide to “off” to shut them down. You can also check to see if the garage door was left open or the exterior doors unlocked.


There are two devices for your front door. A smart lock can be installed so that you can let people inside when you’re away, Robert Deignan said. You can install a smart camera that captures video of anyone approaching your door. These are often used to catch package thieves or people casing a home. It can also show if your young child goes out the front door while you’re doing some work in your office.


Robert Deignan says smart vacuums like the Roomba are wonderful to have around. They will intelligently clean a home and dock themselves. They just need to be emptied once in awhile, saving you from hours of vacuuming carpets. They learn where furniture is and can be set to go to work at any specific time of the day.



Max Salk-A Life of Inspiration

While many try to create a life for themselves that creates happiness by participating in things that move them, few are able to do it with as much ease and grace as Max Salk. A successful finance investment advisor, Salk has been able to incorporate his passion for photography into his hectic schedule. In addition, he devotes his time and energy to supporting active and inactive members of the military and their families. Max Salk is exemplifies a lifestyle everyone can look up to.

At an early age, Max Salk developed an interest in investment finance. Watching CNBC in his spare time, he learned about stock trading. His interest led him into researching stocks and figuring out how to identify trends and analyze the stock market and investment industry. Salk graduated from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a bachelor’s degree in finance with a history minor. Upon graduation, he worked for Morningstar and PPM America as an investment analyst. In 2015, Max moved to New York to take a position with Blackstone, where he continues to currently work as the Vice President and U.S. credit research analyst. 

Finance was not the only hobby that Max Salk was able to fabricate into his everyday life. He had the opportunity to study abroad during his junior year of college in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It was while exploring on this trip that Salk found his love for photography, shooting images of the local landscapes that moved him. Photography is another passion that Max has been able to continue doing throughout his life. An avid traveler as well, Salk photographs the landscapes; which he then posts on his Instagram account and his website @ maxsalkphotography.com. 

Most recently, Max Salk has found a cause that has peaked his philanthropic passion as well. He has become involved with the Navy SEAL Foundation, an organization that raises funds in support of SEALS and their families. This has ignited Salk to investigate additional opportunities where he can make a difference in the lives of military members and their families.

Max Salk continues to live a life that is filled with his passions. He comments about how difficult it is to become successful in areas that do not move you. His advice is to be true to oneself and do what you love without outside influence, and success is sure to follow.


Gulf Coast Western Continues as a Major Player in Oil & Gas Production

Gulf Coast Western

It seems that Gulf Coast Western LLC (GCW) likes to get everything done through partnerships. That is just part of the operating philosophy of the company according to GCW CEO Matthew Fleeger. By combining resources with other oil and gas producers, the company can expand its presence in the United States and better hone in on exploitable oil and gas reserves.

GCW is a Dallas-based company that was founded by Matthew Fleeger’s family in 1970. Before he could run it, Matt Fleeger needed to graduate from business school at Southern Methodist University and learn the ropes of the oil and gas industry. Besides working in the oil and gas industry, Matthew Fleeger founded his own medical waste disposal company and sold it to Stericycle. In 2007 he was finally ready to assume the CEO title at his family’s business.

Besides Texas, Gulf Coast Western now has properties in various states that include Oklahoma, Colorado, Lousiana, and Mississippi. The company is especially active in south-western Louisiana and along the Gulf Coast. It is in the business of oil and gas exploration and of acquiring exploitable properties, but it likes to do this with the help of various partners. For instance, in south-western Louisiana GCW has partnered with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration and Orbit Energy Partners to find approximately 1,000 square miles of prospective drilling sites in the Louisiana Parishes of Cameron, St Landry, Beauregard, Evangeline, Calcasieu, Allen, and Acadia.

While Gulf Coast Western will be sharing 50 percent of the profit from any exploitable resources recovered from these areas, the company also runs producing wells for certain companies by agreement. It performs such a service for Warhorse Oil & Gas, Zachary Exploration and others. Eight hundred barrels a day is produced out of wells run for other companies and GCW gets a cut.

By agreement, GCW has obtained 3D seismic data from other companies covering about 42 square miles in the Parishes of Evangeline and St Landry. This will help GCW find reserves on its own that it can exploit 100 percent.

JD Business Opens up New Retail Market for JD.com

JD.com is taking a stab at procurement with its latest retail channel. The channel is called JD Business and allows a procurement supplier and contractors to sell their wares to JD’s impressive community of consumers. As Jingdong serves 300 million people the saturation JD Business creates is more than fair. JD.com is also known for its transparency which saves companies time as they know the best quality services offered are trustworthy.

Procurement is the often ignored aspect of running a new business that ironically is one of the most important things a company has to do. It is the task of supplying a business with all the odds and ends it needs to run. Procurement also involves finding contractors to handle simple and complex repairs. Without out procurement employees do not have the supplies they need and the building itself can fall into disrepair. The only drawback to procurement is that it is a tedious exercise. It can also cost a pretty penny.

According to JD Business hopes to neutralize that by not only saving time but money in the procurement process. The channel will help companies find the right suppliers to meet their specific needs. JD Business is another wing of JD.com’s impressive Retail as a Service project. As with JD Chain and JD Open Source, it focuses on using JD’s infrastructure to help businesses operate. Instead of software, however, JD Business will focus on hardware. By inserting itself as the middleman the company gives other businesses a leg up in their procurement needs and once again optimizes effeciency.

Learn more: https://re.jd.com/liu-qiangdong-jd-ceo-about

The Importance of Modern Day Lawyers with Jeremy Goldstein

Throughout the natural evolution of the world, a few features have become noticeably apparent. The first is the increased globalized state of corporations. Business can now be conducted in all regions of the world from just a computer. Similarly, there is also more money flowing between the currencies of the world. Jeremy Goldstein is someone sitting on the front-lines of the modern day economy. The role of a lawyer has never been more important. He has a job to ensure companies follow all ethical protocols in making their living. During an interview with Ideamesch, Jeremy Goldstein expands on his history and personal touch.


Jeremy Goldstein had a deep interest in studying law from a young age. As a child from New York City he saw how people and businesses collide in unique ways all the time. He become inspired to help settle these disputes, while leaving a lasting legacy for the next generation. It was under these conditions he attended Cornell University and the University of Chicago for his academic degrees. Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates was founded soon after his schooling was completed. This would be a firm that specialized in bringing effective solutions to complex business disputes that arose between multiple parties.


The firm was born out of a void that opened in the market during a period of reform. There was an industry wide shift of businesses cutting off sections of their company, which in turn would provided an extensive list of cases to be resolved. A typical case usually involves in interpersonal look into client’s private life and where changes can be made going forward. He has to be on call at all times to ensure clients receiving timely advice on whatever issue arises. He’ll stick to a handful of cases at any given time. Jeremy Goldstein finds that his best work comes out of the personal one on one discussion he has with clients.


While looking at the industry as a whole and the impact of his work to this day, Jeremy Goldstein sees a noticeable pair of trends from his experience. The first is the fact of giving personable advice on a client. Having this information offers insight into how a decisions might affect them outside of the office, which has some into play before. At the same time, cases these days rarely surprise him. He has more or less realized the patterns that tend to appear in the law business.


The attorney industry is filled many bright minds from all walks of life. Jeremy Goldstein stems from a region where cultural and innovation in new dynamic ways. This keeps him and his team on their toes as new clients walk into the office.


Visit http://officialjeremygoldstein.com/ to learn more.

Betsy DeVos Aims to Complete Dream of Education Reform

There have been many education reform issues in the latest administration. School safety has been one of the main priorities for the new US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. As she was appointed in 2017, many have said that she didn’t have the experience as a teacher to be working at this level. However, that hasn’t stopped the businesswoman and philanthropist from helping students across the country.


DeVos has built a platform on educational choice. While it hasn’t always been praised by those working in the educational community, educational choice is a way out for those in impoverished communities who would be forced to go to dangerous, failing schools. In many areas of the country, students fear going to school, and they aren’t getting the education that they need because it’s difficult to get funding with lower test scores.


Standardized testing has been problematic for America’s schools. The problem with determining funding by standardized test scores is that schools with less resources tend to get less and less, as their students aren’t able to learn at the same level as schools with higher funding and more resources. DeVos has acknowledged this problem, and it’s clear that there has to be a better solution than continuing to support it.


However, her proposal to use educational choice as a way to relieve these schools has been a problem for many in the education community. They don’t believe that the funding doesn’t come from tax dollars for example. DeVos has debunked this several times, but it’s clear that educators still want more funding to go to public schools.


DeVos has been working on the problem for some time now. Even though she has been criticized for her lack of experience, she is a businesswoman and reformer first. She has said that students will always come first in her mind, and she hopes that educators want to place students above all others as well, when it comes to education reform.


DeVos has been touring the states with the First Lady Melania Trump in order to promote educational choice a step further. The pair started the tour off in Miami. Florida has one of the best programs for educational choice in the country. In this state, students are able to choose between magnet schools, charter schools, homeschooling, virtual schools, and private schools. Florida even has its own virtual K thru 12 school where students can log on and learn any subject.


Betsy DeVos continues to work hard for students in other areas as well. School safety became a major concern in the past several years, but it was in 2017 that she was appointed to lead the way for new gun violence protection in schools.


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DeVos Gets An Indiana Slap Down From Buttigieg

Betsy DeVos is not used to people telling her what to do. DeVos married Dick DeVos, the son of Amway co-founder Richard DeVos. The DeVos family are in the political heavy-duty movers and shakers category in Grand Rapids Michigan.



Dick and Betsy are philanthropists as well as Trump lovers. Mr. Trump paid Betsy DeVos back for the money the DeVos family and the Prince family threw his way in 2016. Trump nominated her to be his education secretary, but Congress had doubts about Betsy’s educational competence level. But Mike Pence broke the tie, and Betsy began to unravel every Obama education initiative on the books.



Secretary DeVos was a Prince before hooking up with Dick. The Prince family has stacks of money thanks to the automotive business. Dick and Betsy shared a lot of common interests. They both want to replace the public school system with a for-profit charter school system. Dick DeVos claims the Grand Rapids charter schools help students from low-income families score better on test thanks to the charter school environment.



Dick and Betsy have the same religious beliefs. The Prince family has roots in the Netherlands. So Calvinism is in their DNA. The DeVos family checked all the right political boxes for Mr. Trump. He decided to let Betsy be the face of his education agenda, but she fumbled the Trump education ball on 60 Minutes. Her visits to public schools turned into fiascos, and her decision to not forgive student debt proved the trepidations Congress had about Betsy seem to be coming true.



Things got really nasty when DeVos stopped funding the Special Olympics. DeVos got a taste of Trump’s special “you take the fall” snake oil, and she didn’t like it. Betsy gives part of her salary to the Special Olympics, but she took the heat so Trump could step in and solve the issue he created.




According to the New York Times, Betsy is a survivor. She loves politics. Her ambition was to become a big-time politician. Now that she got what she wanted, she may jump off the Trump crazy wagon and go back to Grand Rapids. Betsy told the press Dick got a little annoyed when she was under attack for acting stupid on TV. But she stayed the course and continued to dismantle Obama’s education accomplishments, as well as replace public schools with for-profit charter schools.



Pete Buttigieg thinks Betsy should go back to Grand Rapids. Mayor Pete brought Betsy’s three-year track record up at a recent campaign rally. Buttigieg wanted her to forgive all the for-profit college debt that has a drain on the economy. Pete also blasted her for hiring former for-college executives. According to Buttigieg, Betsy is the worst education secretary ever. But Dick and Trump say Betsy is the bomb.


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