B.S. in Mathematics

Irrespective of Hard Times, Mike Bagguley Still Stands Out

Mike Bagguley attended the University of Warwick where he graduated in the year 1988 with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. In that case, venturing into the financial sector does not come as a surprise as it is in line with his profession. Therefore, he happens to be the Chief Operating Officer of Investment at Barclays Bank where he has also assumed other positions in various departments. Having worked at the bank for more than fourteen years, it is evident that he has gained a lot of experience which he utilizes in whatever position that gets delegated. On his part, Mike Bagguley was precisely appointed to accelerate delivery of the approach that was in place which would ensure that costs were minimized while profits became increased considerably. The fact that he has a rich background in the financial sector and an education that is related to this position, he is strategically placed to assume that position and run the bank professionally. Other than working at the Barclays Bank, Mike also happens to be a shareholder representative director at LCH Group Holdings Limited and Clearnet Group Limited a position he took up from 2011.

The position that Mike Bagguley assumes in Barclays is one that irrespective of the achievements that may be realized, it comes with challenges that are inescapable. On his part, he found himself in trouble after some five former traders in the bank became involved with charges related to rigging of rates. Individually, he had nothing much to say as he denied having been aware of such activities in the bank. Being in a senior position, he had a hard time explaining how he never noticed any unusual activities and the fact that he took an interest in this issue when the bank started an internal inquiry made him look guilty. In that case, defending himself would take a lot of time and resources, and this affected his work as he would no longer relate with his colleagues and seniors in the same way as before the scandal. Either way, his good work would vouch for him as the bank has realized a lot of improvement since he became the COO and before them was a loyal employee in other departments of the bank.



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