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Isabel dos Santos Believes Africa Will Be Bettered When Women Are Successful

Isabel dos Santos became the first woman billionaire in Africa when she reached that point of wealth in 2013. She is not the only woman finding success in Africa today, and there are many who are working to help women do great things there. As people are talking about making growth more inclusive in Africa, they are finding ways to help women be part of that growth. Isabel dos Santos has shared about discrimination that she has faced because she is a woman and she has talked about how she has pushed forward, always fighting to make a way for herself.

The parents of a girl have the chance to help her get set up for the future. There is a certain way that parents can go about raising a girl if they hope to have her find success as an adult. Isabel dos Santos has shared advice for those parents who want to raise strong girls who will be able to make it in the business world when they are grown. She has said that parents should teach their girls to rely on their own selves and inspire confidence in them. She believes that girls should be taught responsibility when they are young so that they will be able to take care of themselves when they are older.

Isabel dos Santos believes that Africa will be in a better place economically when women are given the chance to thrive there. She feels that women who do well in the business world will give back to their families and their countries. She feels that women can make a powerful difference in their lands when they are given the chance to be successful in the things that they take on. Isabel dos Santos feels that all women should be given opportunities to succeed just as men are.

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