Career of Finance Executive Peter Briger

Peter Briger is a longtime executive in the financial services industry. He is currently one of the top level managers at Fortress Investment Group. Before he was with Fortress Investment Group, Peter spent a number of years at Goldman Sachs. Briger has a long track record of managing credit asset departments as well as providing oversight of the professionals in those departments. Along with being a top successful executive in the finance industry, Peter Briger has also been involved in helping his community. Today, Peter Briger is the co chief executive officer and principal of Fortress Investment Group.

He provides the supervision and oversight of the credit asset management department as well. As the lead executive of the credit asset department, Peter is responsible for supervising the employees as well as helping the firm better manage the capital for institutional investor clients. Peter is also a member of the firms’ board of directors as well. He joined Fortress Investment Group in 2002. Before joining Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger spent several years as a member of Goldman Sachs. While at Goldman Sachs, Peter was also in charge of managing the credit asset department. Briger spent a lot of his professional time overseeing Asian committees.

The committees were focused on both getting clients from Asia as well as serving the ones that the firm already has. By the end of the 90’s Peter was able to attain top level managerial positions at the firm. He was appointed as a partner and held this position for his final six years at Goldman Sachs. Before attaining employment at Goldman Sachs and Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger attended business school. He completed a master’s degree in business from a top Ivy League university. He also completed his education program at Princeton University. While he was an undergraduate at Princeton University, Peter was a member of the school’s investment club. In his spare time, Peter provides assistance to his charitable organizations. He serves as a member of the board of directors of these organizations that help people get affordable housing as well as a quality education through charter schools.

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JD Business Opens up New Retail Market for is taking a stab at procurement with its latest retail channel. The channel is called JD Business and allows a procurement supplier and contractors to sell their wares to JD’s impressive community of consumers. As Jingdong serves 300 million people the saturation JD Business creates is more than fair. is also known for its transparency which saves companies time as they know the best quality services offered are trustworthy.

Procurement is the often ignored aspect of running a new business that ironically is one of the most important things a company has to do. It is the task of supplying a business with all the odds and ends it needs to run. Procurement also involves finding contractors to handle simple and complex repairs. Without out procurement employees do not have the supplies they need and the building itself can fall into disrepair. The only drawback to procurement is that it is a tedious exercise. It can also cost a pretty penny.

According to JD Business hopes to neutralize that by not only saving time but money in the procurement process. The channel will help companies find the right suppliers to meet their specific needs. JD Business is another wing of’s impressive Retail as a Service project. As with JD Chain and JD Open Source, it focuses on using JD’s infrastructure to help businesses operate. Instead of software, however, JD Business will focus on hardware. By inserting itself as the middleman the company gives other businesses a leg up in their procurement needs and once again optimizes effeciency.

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Isabel dos Santos: Securing a High Quality of Life for Africa

Isabel dos Santos: Securing a High Quality of Life for Africa

Isabel dos Santos wants what is best for her home country of Angola. She has been an ambassador and an activist, consistently pushing politicians and successful business leaders to invest their capital to improve Angola’s infrastructure such as telecommunication networks. Now, she is passionately expressing the need for all Africans to partner together to help build a better continent. Isabel dos says that there are many commonalities across the people, the cultures and the countries that make the African continent their home.

Their commonalities, in her eyes, are far greater than the differences. She has seen living examples and a role model of this as she meets with ex-African nationals while traveling to other continents such as Asia, Europe and the United States of America. The love that these ex-African residents have for their home countries is striking. They, too, only want what is best for their country and Africa as a whole. According to Isabel, she sees how emotional they are and wants to see more of this throughout Africa today.

Africa has many challenges to overcome and Isabel dos Santos understands that Africans are many, culturally diverse, multi-talented and innovative. She strongly believes that they will be able to make their dreams come true because they are living in the land of opportunity. She claims Africa’s future is bright because she recognizes that Africans always support the people who live in their communities. They work together to make improvements to their societies. She has reached out to many of the youth in the more economically challenged communities in Angola, and have been supporting them with funding and educational opportunities through her entrepreneurial programs. It is her hope that the youth in other communities across Africa can get the same support so they can continue to improve. Click here.


Isabel dos Santos Significant Contributed in Successful For Women in Africa

Isabel dos Santos is a striking figure in entrepreneurship. She is the top wealthiest businesswoman in Africa. Having made her way up all by herself has earned Isabel a great name and respect in the entrepreneurship world. She is a mentor and a role model for women all across the globe. Isabel implements her acquired knowledge from school and vast experience to upgrade the lives of other people. She is the daughter of Jose dos Santos, the former President of Angola. Isabel pursued her elementary education in all-girls boarding school. She proceeded to London and majored in electrical engineering at one of the prestigious schools, King’s College London, UK. At this point, she met her husband Sindiki Dokolo, who hails from Zaire.

After her education, Isabel dos Santos ventured in business and established a great career in business. She earned her initial wealth from investing in Oil Company. Isabel also runs several posts in various high-end companies. Later on, she worked for her father and finally started her own companies. Isabel discovered her love and passion for development in the telecommunication industry through a strong partnership and investment in both Africa and various countries such as Portugal. Isabel dos Santos finally launched Unitel International in partnership with Telecom. Among her docket of ideas was to venture in philanthropic projects. The business became highly successful and paved the way for most of her concepts in charity and her charitable projects that she has initiated across Africa.

Isabel began to devote her impressive success and power to help the dwellers of her motherland Africa. She has engaged herself in successive prosperity since then. Isabel firmly believes in her potential to initiate jobs just by the use of computer and internet. It is an incredibly beneficial step towards creating an opportunity since it has a little opportunity cost with massive returns. Isabel dos Santos primary goal is to help the poor and oppressed women. She believes in herself and that her outstanding contribution can offer African women an opportunity in the world of business. She aims at promoting agriculture in Africa by use of modern technology and thriving for various investments in Africa. Isabel has tremendously contributed in sowing seeds to a strawberry farm since it’s currently among the most credible sources for income and nutrients.

Isabel dos Santos; the Richest Woman in Africa

Many women in Africa are slowly embracing the business industry. Gone are the days when only men used to dominate different business fields. Currently, women have become more versatile and are making a significant impact in placing the continent on the overall global map. One such a successful businesswoman is Isabel dos Santos. She is the eldest daughter of Jose Eduardo dos Santos, Angola’s former president who served the country for more than four decades. During his business tenure, Angola witnessed progressive economic growth. He made Angola renowned for mining and agriculture and was loved by many citizens during his rule.

Influential Father

Isabel dos Santos has always been considered her father’s favorite. Jose Eduardo introduced her daughter to the business world, and she became better than the master. Isabel is a keen entrepreneur who has mastered the art of service delivery for better results. It is in this faith that her father appointed her to head different organizations while he was still the president. More recently, before her father’s retirement, she oversaw Angola’s mining sector. Isabel conducted a series of benchmarks with critical stakeholders to get better details on how they can improve the country’s mining industry.

Business Impact

Isabel dos Santos has tried her hands on different businesses. She has a deep interest specifically in telecommunication, finance, media, and oil and gas industry. Isabel has invested millions of dollars in these sectors, and that is why she has made a lot of money for herself. Her business models rely on research before pumping money in a particular industry. Besides, she works with well-qualified personnel who know what needs to be done for the overall success of their respective industries.

Isabel dos Santos has a keen interest specifically in oil and diamond. Also, she is a major stakeholder in Angola’s construction industry and has shares in Nova Cimangola, the country’s largest cement company. Moreover, Isabel also loves telecommunication innovations and is the main shareholder of ZON Multimedia. In 2015, Isabel dos Santos was ranked among the top 100 most influential women in the world. She continues to use her space and opportunity to inspire more women to join the business industry. Her effortless positive attitude is what has made her success journey in the male-dominated industries.





Richard Liu Qiangdong is Confident About JD.COM Being the Next Largest Online Retailer in the World in the Next Few Years

Richard Liu Qiangdong attended the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting recently. He revealed a lot about his life and JD.COM, the largest online retailer in China. JD.COM has grown gradually from its official launch in 2004 to become a go-to shopping destination with more than one billion products. It boosts more than 300 million active shoppers. Born and bred in Jiangsu, China, Richard Liu Qiangdong hails from a humble background. His family was not well-off and his grandmother raised him up. At one point, his grandmother was sick and she could not get medical care because of financial challenges. Those are among the challenges that saw the entrepreneur get into business while still in school.

He tried his hand in business by starting a catering business in vain. The business failed because he could not strike a balance between studies and business. Richard Liu went to Renmin University of China. While at school, he recognized the importance of expanding his horizons. He taught himself computer programming, skills that came-in handy later in his career. In the wake of the difficult financial circumstances, a successful entrepreneur opened a magneto-optical product business in China’s technology hub in Beijing. After growing into twelve retail shops, the business was brought down by the SARS outbreak. The journey to e-commerce commenced as he sold a few products online. He only provided authenticated and best legitimate products.

Within 6 years in operation, the platform had many products that online shoppers could ever need. Today, JD is estimated to be worth $60 billion. According to Richard Liu, the focus is on bringing the best quality products from all-over the world to China. Once that is achieved, he will take the business through a series of expansion efforts to the Middle East, the United States, Southern Asia and the rest of the world. JD.COM grew tremendously alongside its logistic capabilities. It can deliver products across the world. Within Beijing, customers can receive their products in just three hours. Outside Beijing, they can receive their products within just six hours. He is now looking to make the company the largest online retailer in the world in the next few years. The businessman is confident about JD being the next big deal in the business world. He serves as JD’s Founder and CEO.

Paul Mampilly, an Investment Advisor

Paul Mampilly currently works at Zilch Technologies; he is an investment advisor. Paul helps individuals discover valuable investment opportunities; he gives tips on how to work on these investment opportunities. Paul has worked for several leading organizations during the time he has been in the finance sector. He has worked with organizations such as Deutsche Bank and ING. Paul’ s work with various firms helped him gain experience and become an expert in his field of work. Paul’s skill gained him recognition and fame. Paul Mampilly is helping investors not only in person but also through his newsletter that provides investors with his investment insight.

The newsletter gives information on upcoming investment opportunities and also offers his financial tips on suitable investments one should venture into as business personnel. During a recent interview, Paul talked about the finance industry and its growth. He spoke on common mistakes that most entrepreneurs make will carrying out investments. One mistake he mentioned is putting all your money into one venture; this is risky since in case of failure one would have lost all his money at once. Paul Mampilly encourages entrepreneurs to invest in many businesses at once to increase their chances of making profits out of an investment.

In the case of investment failure, the industry, personnel will have another investment to fall back on. Another mistake investors make is carrying out very large investment in a particular business idea which will lead to significant losses in case of failure. Entrepreneurs also fail when choosing an appropriate time to carry out a successful investment. Paul Mampilly encourages investors to invest when market prices are low; this is when operations in the stock market are not running accordingly. Most business personnel do not consider this and end up using a lot of capital in a single investment. Paul Mampilly’s looks up to Elon Musk of his guts. He started Tesla despite all the limiting factors at that time in history. Paul has an MBA from Fordham University that he has maximumly used in the finance sector. His excellent success is attributed to his hard work and commitment.

JHSF/José AuriemoNeto: Real Estate Is A Highly Lucrative Industry

José AuriemoNeto is a highly sought after real estate professional in Brazil. Real estate can be very lucrative but it’s imperative to consult a knowledgeable professional like José AuriemoNeto. For many people, real estate development or investing is the quickest way to make a lot of money. If you are looking for a way to create vast fortunes, then consider real estate investing or property development. There are many ways to go about making money in the real estate business but you need to decide which one is right for you.

Perhaps you don’t know how to get started or what’s involved in starting in real estate. Maybe you need to take training or get a coach who can guide you as you take steps towards financial independence. The first step to getting into property development is to get access to reliable property resources, including training programs. It is extremely important to have a thorough knowledge of the process involved in locating suitable properties. José Auriemo Neto is a highly successful real estate professional and he can advise or guide you on your way to real estate success. He has been working as CEO of JHSF for many years and is well known in the Brazilian real estate market.

José AuriemoNeto is an expert in property development and he works hard to ensure the success of JHSF and its team. JHSF has built a great team of professionals and is a highly reputable firm. JHSF has been involved in many different development projects and makes it a top priority to get things done in a timely manner. As one of the leading property development professionals in the industry, José AuriemoNeto can give any ambitious individual access to top-notch resources to enable them to become successful. Anyone who is serious about learning how things work in the property development field or real estate investing arena will benefit immensely by getting in touch with José AuriemoNeto. José AuriemoNeto has his vast experience in negotiating and marketing, as well as financing of property development projects.


Paul Mampilly’s Change Of Direction

Paul Mampilly has put used his education perfectly within the finance sector, especially the MBA be received from Fordham University. He first became an assistant portfolio manager for Bankers Trust 1991. Deutsche Bank and ING eventually awaited Paul Mampilly as his expertise skills grow more and more. Then as companies saw how much of an asset he was, he was being headhunted by some billion-dollar firms. After a while, Paul Mampilly joined Kinetics Asset Management handling its hedge fund. During his working time there, the companies assets grew to $25 billion. This achievement end up earning Paul Mapilly and Kinetics Asset Management on the list of Best Returns for that year, according to Barrons.

In short, Mr. Mampilly was riding high on his business success. But not everything was perfect for him; he was becoming more and more successful, but the grind of Wall Street was beginning to wear on him. Eventually, Paul Mampilly became tired of earning the ultra-rich some extra money; he also wanted to spend more time with his family. This eventually led him to leave his position and take some time for himself and his family. But that doesn’t mean he decided to leave the financial world entirely. Now, however, he focuses more on helping the average person with their money instead of those with bank accounts in the six figures. Working as a research and investment analyst, he mainly works to help the average person make their way through the complexities of the financial market.

He enjoys this extensively; not only does Paul Mampilly regularly appear of the likes of CNBC, Bloomberg, and Fox Business News but he also produces a regular newsletter for those interested in his financial life. Called Profits Unlimited the newsletter is released monthly and features a new investment opportunity every month. There are also a number of different stocks that Paul Mampilly recommends each month. Mr. Mampilly began this when he joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016. Over the past three years, Mr. Mampilly and the company have built up Profits Unlimited subscriber list to almost 100,000 people. Clearly, there’s still a lot of people who want to hear from Mr. Mampilly.



Randal Nardone Helps People With Investment Solutions

Randal Nardone knows there are things he can do that no other investment professional knows how to do. He always plans on making sure people can try different things and does the best job at providing them with opportunities they can use to grow their business. As long as Randal Nardone can give attention where people need it, he feels good about the business. He also feels there are things that will help him grow and make more money for the company. It is his way of giving attention where others need it and providing people with the options that will allow them to do better on their own.As long as Randal Nardone knows there are things he can do, he works to provide people with all the opportunities they need. It is his goal to give the industry options they wouldn’t have without his help.

Even when things are difficult for people to deal with in investing, Randal Nardone plans to give them what they need. He also tries to always help them through the most difficult parts of investing. Randal Nardone plans to keep things positive for all the people he helps no matter what issues people have.Even when things get difficult, people can take advantage of everything Randal Nardone does. They know he makes things better and know how to provide people with positive opportunities. Thanks to the experiences Randal Nardone has, he can feel good about the business. He always plans to help everyone through difficult times and with the experiences that allow them to be successful.

For Randal Nardone, the point of his business is to give back. While he’s helping people get more out of their investments, he feels good about the options they have.Randal Nardone’s dedication to the business is what allows him to make money. He is now a billionaire because of his dedication. The times he’s spent working to help people pay off and make him more money. They also help him thrive in business no matter what he’s doing. For Randal Nardone, the point of the business is giving people everything they need to invest right. He took the chance and invested his own money before he started helping people with their investments. Since he knew how to do investments the right way, he was more confident in helping people with the opportunities they were looking for to try and be successful.

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