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What Is Happening In The Interesting World Of Equities First Holdings In Australia

Equities First Holdings are delighted to report that EFH has initiated into a business transaction with Environmental Clean Technologies Limited. This transaction will supply financing to be utilized in the expansion of extensive projects in India. ECT is listed on the Australian stock exchange. ESI is a Melbourne based organization that concentrates in engineering and managing on a business basis for profit. This Australian cutting edge company focuses on coal treatment of raw materials. This procedure develops physical or chemical characteristics and iron manufactured technologies. The financial backing ECT received from Equities First Holdings will be used to benefit the funding of 30 million dollars. This extraordinary amount will be applicable for investigation and advancement facility in India.

Environmental Clean Technologies is an inventive company with a dependable management alliance ready to go. Together they have organized an excellent laid-out brainstorm for the future breakthrough. Equities First Holdings is honored to be able to contribute the capital needed to assist ECT reach the necessary financial objectives. The plan is to proceed with the work of deciphering the code. This code involves the emerging power and minerals along with a manner of achieving a task applying technical methods.

Environmental Clean Technologies acknowledges that Equities First Holdings is the world’s ruler and having them participating in the funding of the Indian venture is crucial. It is critical to controlling the consequences in being on-track and on-time. The Australian Equities First Holdings group has conveyed themselves in a extremely professional demeanor. As well the associates acted with honesty. They have been a tremendous support in their accomplishments in setting up this contract.

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