Medicare Advantage plan


InnovaCare Health specializes in providing managed health care plans and operations to its clients. The company mainly operates from Puerto Rico but also has bases in other countries around North America. InnovaCare Health uses state of the art medical equipment to serve its clients, therefore, providing the best service in the health care business. In 2016, InnovaCare Health announced that it would be bringing in three new leaders on board. Among the three leaders was Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides. Rick Shinto was given the position of CEO, and under his leadership, Innova has progressed a great deal. Before coming to InnovaCare Health, Rick Shinto served as the CEO of Aveta, Inc. Shinto has held other leadership positions in various companies such as Medical Pathways Management, and North American Medical Management.

For Penelope Kokkinides, it is not her first time working at InnovaCare Health. She was the Chief Operating Officer of the company in the past. Penelope has extensive knowledge when it comes to developing and managing clinical programs. She specializes in managed care and government programs such as Medicaid and Medicare. Penelope worked at Centerlight HealthCare before moving to Innova. At Centerlight, Penelope was the Chief Operating Officer and the Executive Vice President. Penelope Kokkinides brings ideas to life by combining efforts with a team at work. They work together to come up with ideas and then expound on them. A day at the office is generally busy for Penelope Kokkinides. Each day comes with its challenge and Penelope loves that she is always on her toes. Her work involves a lot of traveling and Penelope tries to get a lot of work done in between flights.

Before going to bed, Penelope plans her next day in terms of what work needs to be completed and what meetings she needs to attend. This helps her to stay on top of things and to manage her workload. Penelope makes a point of always being informed of what is going on in the industry and country at large. She claims that as an entrepreneur, being in the know is a crucial part of the business. Penelope does this by reading articles, magazines and doing research.,28.htm

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