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Blake Mallen, Founder of ViSalus Understands Lifestyle Companies

Blake Mallen is a thirty-eight year old entrepreneur who co-founded and runs two global lifestyle companies. He is a millennial influencer and investor who understands why the lifestyle market is successful.

ViSalus is a business designed to help Americans lose weight and get the body that they deserve. Mallen is instrumental in the production of these products and oversees all aspects of the business. These weight management products help change people’s lives and this is why Blake Mallen co-founded the business. His goal was to help other people live their best lives and this includes looking their best.

Blake Mallen is also interested in helping people live their best lives by inspiring them to live and create. He wants people to look at the limitations that life presents to them and choose differently. Choose to give back to their communities and choose to go after what they want in life. This is what Blake Mallen did in his own life. He decided to build his own company and find success in an unconventional way.

One of Mallen’s most successful projects was building the revenue for his ViSalus brand. He started a “Challenge Marketing” strategy that helped people reach their fitness goals and weight loss goals. This challenge marketing strategy brought in almost $2 billion in sales. These are the differences that Mallen makes with his companies. He looks for interesting perspectives that he can use to inspire and motivate people. Mallen believes that if people feel inspired and motivated then they will be more successful when reaching for their goals. He also believes that these are the best customers to have because this is a win-win situation.

Mallen loves to give back and frequently speaks at international events and national conferences on how to shake up your life to make the most of your life. Mallen speaks on topics such as organizational culture, brand building, lifestyle millennial marketing, social media marketing, entrepreneurship, personal growth, leadership and how to succeed in the global lifestyle industry.

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