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It Was From An Early Age That Mark Holyoake Started To Excel In His Beloved Sport:

It really does take a special type of individual to pursue athletic endeavors to the point of great success and those who do it have an impressive mental constitution and dedication. This is certainly an accurate description of an individual named Mark Holyoake who was born in New Zealand in 1983.

He showed an interest in athletic pursuits from an early age and took up the gymnastics sport at the age of 9. It was soon apparent that Mark Holyoake had a tremendous amount of natural talent in this exciting sport and combined with his tireless work ethic, he was soon advancing rapidly in terms of his skill set. Mark Holyoake was soon developing a reputation as a strong performer in an all-around sense of the sport.

Within the sport of gymnastics, you have many that focus squarely on a particular event, but Mark showed that he had a strong all-around type of talent. Due to this, he regularly participated in a wealth of different gymnastics events. One event he was particularly skillful in was the pommel horse and this was on display in 2009 when he put on a record-setting performance in the event.

One thing that sets Mark Holyoake apart from other peers of his is the fact that he had tremendous talent and work ethic in his sport, which led to record-setting performances and acclaim, but he never lost track of the importance of academic success. He also was always thinking about the future as far as what he would do when he was finally done competing. With this in mind, Mark pursued academic studies at the University of Aukland and studied the field of exercise science. This has gone on to benefit him tremendously as he now works as a professional fitness trainer.

One area of fitness that Mark Holyoake has become deeply involved within recent years is the activity known as Crossfit. He has recently founded his own Crossfit company known as Carbon Method Crossfit. This allows him to continue to pursue his love of athletics and fitness while engaging in his love of entrepreneurship at the same time.

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