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OSI Group and McDonalds Hamburger Collaboration

OSI Group and McDonalds are partners when it comes to making hamburgers. Ever since the first McDonalds was set up, OSI Group was the one supplying meat products to them. This collaboration has become such a huge success that OSI was forced to set up a factory that would provide meat products to McDonald’s. This factory is called the Gunzburg factory located in the US. The Gunzburg factory is a huge franchise that makes all the meat patties and hamburgers for McDonald’s chains in the world. A brief visit to the factory was arranged to see the whole meat process and the safety of the food. This visit came up after several allegations that the restaurant’s hamburgers contain preservatives.

These allegations were brought up by one David Whipple who experimented on a hamburger by placing it in an enclosing for fourteen years. According to Whipple, the hamburger had not rotten even after locking it away for fourteen years. McDonlad’s came forward after these allegations and stated they did not use any preservatives for their hamburgers. We had to go to the factory and see firsthand if this statement was true. At the factory, we were required to wear a protective garment to avoid food contamination in case we came in contact with it. All the staff members also had on their protective garments while handling the meat.

The meat was first checked manually for bones and then packed into crates. The meat in crates is then transported to the meat processor where it is minced into a fine mixture. The meat processor machine also checks for bones in case any were left out during the manual checking process. Once the meat has been minced another machine is used to make it into hamburgers. The machine is used because it ensures precision and all the hamburgers are the same size and consistency. The hamburgers are then checked to ensure they have the right fat content. These are tested in the lab that is in the factory. After the visit, we were able to conclude that the McDonald factory does not use any preservatives for their hamburgers.


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